Spirit Mountain Casino, located in Reno Nevada is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. It is home to a buffet of mouth watering food and beverages. Even though the buffet is expansive, it can get very hectic if you are visiting in one big party. In this case, you can find plenty of space and time when it comes to your party.

spirit mountain casino buffet crab legs

One of the things that make Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet so popular is that it offers an array of food and beverages that can fit any budget. The service is also great since you will not have to worry about getting seated or serving food to the guests. There are a variety of tables for you to choose from and the buffet has lots of spacious spaces for you to make room for any extra guests that may show up during your party.

Since there are a lot of different appetizers available, you should take a look at the Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet before you decide on a specific selection. You may want to add some Mexican food items to the buffet as well. If you are looking for some kind of food that is in between seafood and other seafood selections, there are some choices to look into as well.

There are many appetizers that you can look into and those that are included in the Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet include steamed rice, shrimp and grits, popcorn chicken wings, shrimp po’ boy, strawberry shortcake, popcorn shrimp, sweet potatoes, baked beans, shrimp cheese dip, steak and potatoes, California roll, steak and asparagus, buffalo wings, and numerous appetizers. What is great about these selections is that each appetizer is made with only the freshest ingredients that you can get, and they are all great tasting. These are just a few of the appetizers that are available in the buffet.

If you are having a steakor seafood party and you have not decided on what to put on the buffet, you should consider adding some grilled vegetables. There are lots of options when it comes to choices of steaks and seafood selections that you can add to the buffet. By adding some grilled vegetables, you can create some mouthwatering foods that you can serve for the guests that are invited to your party.

As for the drinks, you will want to consider the local wine and beer offerings that are available at the casino. The great thing about alcohol is that they are quite cheap, but they do not stain your dishes, and they can easily be diluted for the guests. You will want to think about your guests when it comes to alcohol consumption, but you can always allow them to bring alcoholic beverages to the party if you prefer.

The Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet can be found in an array of different locations in the city of Reno Nevada. You can find the buffet at the Spirit Mountain Casino, and other locations in the surrounding areas. In addition, you can even order the buffet online from their website.

Whether you want to host a day long event or a small family outing, the buffet can be found at a location near you. Whether you decide to book it online or come to the casino and personally check it out, the Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet is sure to please.