The Spirit Mountain Casino in Las Vegas has announced the arrival of a new seafood buffet called the ‘Bistro on the Mountain’. This buffet will feature several different types of seafood along with a variety of different wines.

This buffet is located right next to the main dining room at the Spirit Mountain Casino and Hotel. It features a very casual atmosphere that is reminiscent of an upscale French bistro. The chef has been hired to create a new type of seafood buffet that is both healthy and delicious.

The restaurant itself is similar to what you would find in a French bistro. It is decorated to look very casual and you are offered several different menus to choose from. The buffet offers the choices of lobster tails, fresh oysters and clams and salmon and shrimp. It also includes many different types of salads and different types of dips.

The buffet also offers a wine selection. Some of the selections include some of the local wines from around Las Vegas such as the Bistro on the Mountain Wine Country. There is also a special selection of red wines to add to the meal. It does not include any alcoholic beverages, so it is completely non-alcoholic.

The seafood buffet also features a large variety of appetizers. Some of the choices include mini corn dogs, miniature hot dogs, mini quesadillas and mini pizza that are available on a platter.

Most of the items are made fresh and the buffets are served with either your choice of two bread rolls or one piece of bread. A drink is available for an additional charge as well so you are sure to have plenty to choose from.

The restaurant at the Spirit Mountain Casino is open for dinner most nights but can be closed for the evening. They usually have a very happy hour and also offer other drinks and appetizers during the day.

The buffet will be available daily from early morning until late at night. You will want to plan your reservations for this event as far in advance as possible so that you will be able to get a reservation number for the day. If you happen to get a good deal on a particular date, the buffet might be sold out and you will have to try another date.

One word of warning is that there are a lot of people who plan to go to the Buffet, but are not able to get a reservation since the restaurant doesn’t accept walk in guests. This does happen quite frequently. This is due to the popularity of the food.